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EmChill is a technology company based in Toronto, Canada. The world is changing and the way people work is changing with it. We share the belief that through technology and innovation, you should have access to professional services when and where you need them. You already bank online, shop online, and work online.

We have identified an opportunity to help transition life coaches with decades of experience into the Digital Age and connect them with students seeking to achieve their goals.

The app makes revenue by taking a commission off every sale that takes place through the platform. We connect and facilitate the transactions between life coaches and students, allowing both parties to focus on what really matters.

The Problem

The world is constantly changing and this is not due just to the current COVID19 pandemic or the aging Baby Boomer population. Rather, Millennials are creating a demand for coaching services to face this changing environment. Webinars, coaching apps, and online delivery via video conferencing will be the norm for personal and life coaching in the next few years.

There is a high friction in the traditional life coaching business. No degree or certification is needed. As a result, the market has attracted many would-be coaches who want to leverage their life and work experience for pay. However, consumers need to be careful since some coaches may not be “certified,” or worse, can be incompetent. There is pressure mounting among clients for more accountability. 

Life coaches struggle to get sales because they are not taught marketing skills at life coaching schools. They become certified and then it is up to them to figure out how to get clients. Many usually start with friends and family members and then have a hard time after. Thus, coaches need marketing support in order for their services to reach a wider audience. Students spend a lot of time searching for the right life coach to help them, with little consistency from person to person. The two parties are disconnected and lack a common marketplace where they can meet. 

Emchill Unique Features

Coaches are able to add unique products and packages such as:

      • Lead magnet - Free
      • content
      • Subscription
      • Group coaching Course
      • 1-1 Sessions

      Optional and highly recommended:

      • Mastermind group 
      • Books
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Our Leaders

Ivan Vugampore CEO/Business Development and Founder

van is an articulate communicator who inspires teams to rally behind a worthy cause to achieve results. From a very young age, he has always enjoyed taking things apart to explore how they work (much to the dismay of his mother). This philosophy of discovery—of breaking down large items or concepts in order to examine closely the individual components—is at the core of Ivan’s passion for analyzing how things function.

Passionate about how we can use technology to solve everyday problems and Inspired by his passion of living life to the fullest, Ivan recognizes the important benefits of helping others achieve their personal goals in life. Having worked with live life coaches in the past, he has identified opportunities to add value and simplify the entire process. Ivan has been developing mobile applications for the last 5 years and is confident in his skills and knowledge to develop successful solutions.

Diacre Bayishime CTO/Marketing Strategist and Co-founder

Highly skilled and ambitious, Diacre has been working in technology and marketing for nearly 10 years..He has a broad range of experience ranging from creating or optimizing sales/marketing strategies, development, database management to leading teams and managing projects of any size. Diacre is an efficient leader and serial entrepreneur who has overseen projects and led teams consisting of just a few individuals to entire departments. His impeccable track record shows how he has continued to deliver results.

Diacre is a charismatic and efficient leader who has overseen teams consisting of both a few individuals and entire departments. His impeccable track record shows that he has continued to deliver projects within the specified time and budget constraints time after time.

In addition to Diacre being successful throughout his career in any role he took on, he is commonly known as a devoted family man and respected by those closest to him for being a well-natured philanthropist. Diacre regularly volunteers to help with events, charities, and various causes where his efforts or specific skill set can have a positive impact.


There is an increasing trend in mental health and relationship issues, but also a rise in entrepreneurs utilizing the gig economy to offer solutions. At EmChill we bring all parties to the same table and simplify the process.

We aim to improve the overall wellbeing of society by giving life coaches and students a marketplace where they can offer and find packages of sessions related to skills that are in demand.

By handling the transaction from start to finish we leave coaches and students to focus on what really matters. We aim to have frictionless transactions that will enable students to find professionally trained and accredited life coaches that maintain the highest standards in the coaching industry.

By using the latest marketing techniques and advanced technology we are able to mitigate the challenges faced by life coaches and students. Based on market research and speaking with students and life coaches through interviews we are creating a solution tailored for their needs.


By using the revolutionary Service As A Product (SaaP) business model, students can browse, search, and click to order coaching sessions with life coaches. Transparent timing, price, and deliverables are all presented upfront on our end-to-end platform.

Results So Far...

Methods used to coach clients: Change since pandemic started

The Market

Coaching is a $160 billion dollar industry which studies the science of change. Change brings with it uncertainty. That uncertainty is what coaches help people transcend. Coaches are masters of change and the world is calling for them in every sector and in every corner of the globe.

The Competition

At EmChill we believe that there is immense opportunity which can still be utilised despite not having first mover advantage. There are already a few players in the industry doing some things right but a gap still exists to create value. These direct competitors include Noomii, the Web’s Largest Directory of Life Coaches and Business Coaches; CoachTheWorld, an online coaching platform to meet and greet with stars and influencers; and Viveka, which comes the closest to our business model though we have targeted different markets of the coaching industry. Viveka is a marketplace for professional development & personal growth. They connect companies and individuals to coaches and speakers.

None of our competitors have a mobile application or have fully utilized the SaaP system that we will be using to disrupt the market while connecting with tech-savvy students.

Business Model

Revenue will be generated through transaction fees: 20% to the coach and 10% to the student.

Direct Sales

Email, Marketing Funnel, SEO

Direct To Consumer Market

Social Media, Content Marketing

Strategic Partners

Life Coaches, Corporate Institutions, Influencers, CRM/SaaS Companies

Partner Distribution Channels

LinkedIn, Facebook, Coaching Institutions


Currently, We Require.

We require financial, advising, and experiential support to expand our product offerings. Our preferable target investors include those with background and experience working as and supporting life coaches .

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